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Dogs Will Lie to Get What They Want, Say Scientists


This might actually infuriate a lot of cynophiles, but the purpose of this article is not to derive whether dogs lie and manipulate people into doing their bidding. Rather, it is all about proving or refuting the theory that dogs can consciously ‘lie’. Now, for it to mean something here, we need to define a […]

You Can Take A Well-Trained Dog Anywhere

You love the dog and your stuff, but your dog doesn’t love your stuff. Regrettably, your dog probably does not share the same appreciation and respect for material possessions of yours that you do, seeing everything instead as a chew toy. This guide will give you tips on how to keep your dog from chewing […]

Where To Find The Best Dog Training School

You just got a new puppy and want to get started on training him, as young as possible. This is important to do early in your dog’s life, in order to shape his personality and responsiveness. In this article, we will provide the best tips and tricks for training your puppy quickly and successfully. When […]

Unruly Dog? Have We Got Some Advice For You!

Your hunting dog can determine the difference between a good day of hunting and a terrible day. This article will go into depth with different training techniques that you can use in order to be sure that both you and your dog are ready for the next big hunting trip. As with anything, reinforce the […]

Trouble With Your Dog? A Bit Of Training Goes A Long Way

If you take the time to train your dog the essentials, you are building a foundation for a lifelong enjoyable relationship with your pet. You can even teach an old dog a few new tricks with the right strategy. Here are a few neat dog training pointers. Dog owners should learn to listen to their […]

Training Your Dog To Be A Great Companion

A happy dog is a well trained dog and just choosing to make this happen is a step in the right direction! Too many dogs are left untrained and jump on everyone, chew end tables and bark all night! Your dog will be better off once trained and of course, so will you. So read […]

The Ultimate Dog Training Tips You Need To Know

Dog training is a universal skill that people who wish to raise a dog or dogs, as part of the family, need to acquire. Some dogs learn quickly and others are slow. There are a number of ways to train your dog, or dogs, and the following will help you along your path to gaining […]

The Right Way To Train Your Pup

Properly training your dog can be a task if you aren’t sure which steps to take. Some people find it difficult to do on their own. With the tips provided below you will be on your way to training your dog by yourself and without the costly expense of hiring someone else. Dog training is […]

Sit! Stay! Read These Tips On Dog Training

You want to ensure that you are using the most common and proven methods when training your dog. This article will go into detail with the most popular and tested methods and let you know how to implement them. Follow the tried and true methods listed, and you should see success in your training. When […]